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From Dave Stovall BCA 3874

The BCA is holding an election. Eight candidates are running. Their bios are available in the April 2019

Bugle, as well as online on the BCA website. This election is contentious and may impact the PWD. Many have opinions

on this. Several PWD members have asked me to post letters they have written. Keep in mind that this is their opinion, and not an official stance of the PWD.

As a BCA Division, the PWD takes no official election postions, but its members are of course free to opine as they like.

I will gladly post other well written opinions/rebuttals, covering any side of the issue, provided there are NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.

Personal attacks just cause rancor and don't solve anything.

You can disagree with someone else's opinions or actions respectfully without getting personal. If you insist on attacking I will either edit or not publish.

Send them to me at david444 at verizon.net

Elections postings


If you want to come meet some of the members and see what is happening in the meantime, come on over to



Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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