About the Pre-War Division of the Buick Club of America


The Pre-War Division (PWD) of the Buick Club of America (BCA) was chartered by the BCA Board of Directors (BOD) in 2005. The primary purpose of the PWD is to provide tours & events not previously available to BCA members and to provide social and technical support for the owners of Buick Pre-War cars. All Buicks from inception of the marque until cessation of manufacture in February 1941 are included in the Pre-War designation. The PWD was organized as an informal Internet-based group. The Director appoints Regional Directors who coordinate to provide pre-war friendly tours and activities for both pre-war and post-war Buick owners. In addition to Pre-War After Tours usually held after the BCA National Meet each year, we encourage our members to sponsor local and regional tours.

There are no dues, and the PWD receives no financial support from the BCA. However, BCA membership is required for the monthly magazine (Buick Bugle) and insurance coverage for PWD activities.The PWD emailed newsletter was discontinued in 2015 after ten years and was replaced by the Buick Club Pre-War Forum on the AACA forums website, the Buick Club Pre-War Forum. This site is the primary communication channel for PWD members. This website was added as an alternative communications channel for those not using the forum to learn about the PWD.

Since the PWD is an Internet based division of the BCA, there are no directed meetings or other administrative proceedings. However, PWD members typically have three meetings a year, and these are described on the Meetings page.

If you are a BCA member and want to join us, please see the Join page.


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